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Catching Up  
10:01am 11/08/2010
I know I've been very lax about updating this sewing journal, personal issues have really eaten into my sewing time.  I have been sewing pads, just not as many as I would like.  For those of you looking for more goodies, I'll be uploading some new products over the next week or so.  I have a few new liners already sewn up and I have a bunch of other sizes just waiting to be finished.

The last few weeks my sewing time was taken up with these two baskets which I donated to a charity auction.

The baskets were filled with a package of the mineral salts that I stock in my CPS store, a bandanna, a wetbag, mini-wipes, and a cooling neck tie.

The mini-wipes are something I've wanted to try for awhile, I think they came out pretty good.  They weren't too small at 3.5" x 3.5", they seemed the perfect size for all of those times you don't need a full sized wipe.  These are definitely something you will see soon in my stores.

The cooling neck tie is something I've been supplying to the local feed store to sell.  You immerse the tie in water for 15-20 minutes to hydrate the crystals inside.  Once hydrated the tie stays damp and cool for 1-2 days.  Since we live in the high desert these have been very popular for those people who spend lots of time outside.  I've also found that they help sooth headaches and migraines.  The evaporative property of the tie can keep you cool all day long.  This is another new item you will see soon in both of my stores!

I would love to add the baskets to my stores, they are great for storing pads in, but I'm concerned about shipping.  They aren't huge but they are a bit bulky.  The great thing is that you can make them in any fabric colors so they can suit anyone's taste.  Is there anyone out there who would be interested in one?  If so I'll take one to the post office to see how much it would cost to send...
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New projects  
02:00pm 31/03/2010
If you've been watching my Etsy store you have seen that I've added a category for horse items.   Most of the items will be braided tack made by my daughter.  You will also see listings for helmet covers and splint boot covers made by me.

I'm having fun branching out into non-pad related items.  The fabrics are all lycra and spandex so it's a completely different type of sewing.  Here are pictures of my prototypes.

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More Stock  
08:55am 12/03/2010
I know it may not look like it, but I am adding stock to my CPS store.  It seems I get stuff uploaded only to have it sell less than 24 hours later.  Thanks to my loyal customers for buying!  So just keep an eye out every few days for more items.  Also, if there is something you really need or want, just let me know.  Custom orders are the same prices as the in-stock items and I can usually have them made up within 24-48 hours of when you place your order.
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New Stock Coming Soon...  
10:41pm 12/09/2009
This is what I was working on last month.

I can't say you'll see any of these in my stores because they were a custom order. 

I do have a number of new pads in the works for the stores though.  Once those are uploaded I'll be adding some "bargain" pads.  These will be made with fabrics that I either found on clearance or I received through Freecycle or just have laying around.  Since I'm saving money on supplies I thought I would pass that savings on to the customer.  The quality of the workmanship will be the same but the fabrics may not be designer, this is the reason I can offer them at a lower price.  For those who are looking for those wonderful and quirky designer fabrics, don't worry I'll still be carrying those!

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Store News  
09:47am 29/07/2009
As much as I tried I just couldn't sit long enough to sew much this month.  Hopefully I'll be able to get back to sewing in a few days.

I have purchased some wonderful fabric this week so I have some great things planned, here is a sneak peak.

This brings me to the news, I'm going to have to increase my prices on all new items.  The cost of designer fabric just keeps going up.  I've kept my prices steady with the increases over the past few months but my latest shopping trip made it so I just can't hold steady any longer.  The prices will be going up 25-50 cents per item but my shipping will be staying at a flat $2.00.  The price for DivaCups will be going up as well since it's costing me a lot more per cup as I restock.

I'm still going to be using the best quality materials I can find and offering great designer fabrics, so you cab be assured you are getting a quality product!

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Best laid plans...  
10:14pm 08/07/2009
My plans for this month have been thrown into disarray due to a horseback riding accident.  I spent 3 days in the hospital and am moving a lot slower due to 2 fractured vertebrae.  I'm still going to be attempting to upload at least 1 item a day but I may miss a day here or there due to my injuries.  My store will remain open and I will continue to ship things Mon-Fri!
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31+ items in 31 days  
10:44am 01/07/2009
My new promotion starts today at my CPS store!

I added 4 new items today with at least 3 more ready to go.  I'm starting with liners because those seem to be the most popular right now.  If you are looking for something a bit larger don't despair, I have cores ready to go for all sizes!

As always, I'm open for custom orders which I will mail out 24-48 hours after receiving your order.  No extra charge for customs either!

Make sure to check out my store often as I'll be adding more pads, wetbags, and goodies throughout the month!
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New Items  
05:05pm 18/06/2009
A few weeks ago I introduced my new line of menstrual inspired jewelry. 

I'm really excited about the necklaces, bracelets, and key chains.  The plans are to add earrings and beaded zipper pulls to accessorize your wetbags.  All of these items are designed and made by my 13 year old daughter.

I'm still working on more new stock as well.  It may look like I haven't been adding much but that's because things are selling as soon as I post them!

This brings me to the new promotion I will be starting next month, 31+ items in 31 days.  I will be uploading at least one new item each day of the month!  Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to pick up those perfect items!
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New stock coming soon!  
10:13am 18/05/2009
Life has gotten in the way over the last few weeks so I've been really negligent in adding new stock to my store.  Since everyone here is finally healthy again I should have new stock up throughout this week.

I have 3 liners already finished and ready to upload but I want to finish up a batch of 8 inch AIOs before I do that.  These new lovelies will be split between my CPS store and my Etsy which is currently empty!

Thanks for everyone's patience!

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New stock and a new size!  
03:52pm 11/04/2009
Lots of new stock is finally listed!

I also have a new product to share, a 7 inch liner.  I did a custom order with this size and decided to add it to my in-stock line.  Unless requested, the liner doesn't have any waterproofing.  Hopefully it will appeal to those looking for something just a little shorter than my 8 inch AIOs.

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